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 Yeni Doğuş Companies Group is constituted upon the requirement, arising from the union of three separate companies, displaying activity in the construction sector.

 Doğu İnşaat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., the oldest one of our companies, started its activity in 1983, Yeni Doğuş İnşaat ve Taahhüt Ltd. Şti., established in 1994 and Yeni Doğuş Mimarlık Mühendislik Proje Ltd. Şti. followed it in 2006.

 While such three companies act independently as specialized in their own fields in their activities in the sector, when necessary, they can create more powerful motivation within the solidarity with each other and they can tend to more comprehensive projects.

 In this respect, while Doğu İnşaat Ltd. Şti. concentrates on the substructure works generally, all kinds of superstructure projects are contracted by Yeni Doğuş İnş. Ltd. Şti. Contribution of Yeni Doğuş Mimarlık Ltd. Şti. supports our activities positively especially in the “design-built” and “revenue sharing” style works.

 Our group makes project development works by tending to local and foreign financial sources in the domestic and abroad and it can also present the consultancy service together to many investors in this field during both project and also construction stage. When other parts of our site are visited, it shall be possible to get more detailed information about our realized and ongoing projects and about us.

 In order to get information about new projects and ventures of our group, you can follow ““news”” section.
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